Kabira Country Club set for Easter Carnival

As Easter bells ring from the blessed serenity of heavens. Kabira Contry Club is resonating with them and planning to welcome the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a rousing way.

Like Christmas and other holy holidays, Ugandans specifically Christians get to have long days off their daily work to meditate, rest and spend good time with their loved ones and families.

Kabira Country club a 5-Star hotel in Kampala has again organized another edition of Easter Carnival that will take place this Easter season on Saturday, 13th April, 2019 from 11am to 6pm in the evening where Christians, families and loved ones will come, merry make, have fun and take in all this Bukoto based magnificent hotel has to offer.

The carnival is meant for family gatherings where kids and adults will enjoy fun activities like delicatessen, food and bar, magician, kids playground, live band, artisan market, break dance, jumping castles, swings, comedy among other lots entertainment.

“We have plenty of Kids’ activities lined up for you and your family. Let’s make your Easter weekend a memory, join us for one in a life time experience. Kabira Country Club has all you could possibly need in a modern, comfortable hotel, situated in a wonderful location,” Vismay Maniyar the hotel official told EventoUG.

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Whether it’s for leisure, building connections, business or events, Kabira Country club still tops in the game and will offer more than what you even expect ranging from pleasurable luxurious accommodation facilities, exceptional amenities to yummy and delicious meals that will take your breath away. All the revelers that will turn up for the “Kabira Easter Carnival” are guaranteed of these facilities.

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He gave me four land titles for our introduction

Shammah Mirembe had done everything to make her introduction ceremony splendid. She even forewarned her parents that her man, James Ssenyonga, did not have a lot of money in a bid to cut down their expectations. She was surprised, as were most of her guests, when four land titles were brought forth during the introduction; one for her father, mother, brother (muko) and herself.

People cheered. Mirembe stared in awe.

“I could hear my friends calling me and cheering and I was just dumbfounded. It felt good. I felt honoured,” Mirembe comments.

“ People usually give in money when they are asked for cows at introductions. I gave in form of land,” Ssenyonga explains.

“They told you to bring cows and you decided land titles are cheaper?” I ask perplexed. Ssenyonga explains that he had a sizeable piece of land from which he got portions off for his introduction.

The land tittles were not bride price. That was a gift to my wife and the people she loves,” he explains. Because land titles cannot fill your in-laws’ compound as ordinary gifts do at these ceremonies, Ssenyonga also bought other gifts.

The couple

Ssenyonga has not always been able to afford grand gestures. As Mirembe puts it, there were days they couldn’t even afford dates in restaurants. They would instead take romantic strolls from Busega to Bulenga, where Mirembe’s parents had re-located. He would walk back home.

Ssenyonga is an auditor with Forever Friends of Uganda, an NGO helping to improve the lives of children in Bubebbere. Mirembe is a teacher of History and CRE. I met the couple at Backpackers in Mengo. Mirembe is a very warm and agreeable woman. She smiles often, giving a peek at the lovely slit between her teeth.

Momentarily, when Mirembe speaks, Ssenyonga stares at her. They look at each other as she speaks. Only they are not talking to each other but to me. I figure it is because they are sharing a memory. Sometimes Ssenyonga looks at her intently as if to figure out or silently challenge what shes about to say. She smiles back at him adoringly. They like to fact check each other. If the date is March 8, it is March 8 and not early March.

How they met

When Mirembe was at Lubiri SS in Senior Three. She went to a neighbouring school in Busega to read books at the weekend. One Saturday, a guy walked into her reading room. She would later learn at he was James Ssenyonga. Ssenyonga moved to sit on bench near her. She was alone in the room. All he did was sit at a bench across and stare, purposefully, intimidatingly. You know how it is when you feel eyes on you?  Mirembe felt the same way. She stood up and ran home. He did not follow. Mirembe didn’t reach home as well. She had forgotten her ruler. No, she was not conniving. They did not speak that day.

The next day, Mirembe said hello to the now familiar Ssenyonga. That day, he walked her home. That was the beginning of a routine; Mirembe would say hello before they each read their books. After reading, Ssenyonga would walk her home.

“I don’t even know if I ever understood what I was reading. Sometimes I would just stare at him,” Mirembe confesses. She also told him she had a boyfriend.

“He looked me in the eye and said, “I am not interested in your boyfriend. I am interested in you,” Mirembe recalls with a nostalgic smile.

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Stunning Nixon & Joan Engagement Photo Shoot

It might have been a mystical fictional African nation in the block buster movie Black Panther, but Wakanda could actually be so real. Right in he heart of Kabale in Western Uganda, Lake Bunyonyi is a wonder to behold and so is Mountain Muhavura.
Nixon and Joan were looking for an adventure and they found it. Their engagement session not only highlighted the beauty of their love but also the spectacular country that is Uganda.
The custom made shirts were on fleek, Acardia cottages provided a great space a couple of shots. We enjoyed the road trip and loved working with the couple

Photos By Paramount Images



Photos: Romantic John & Sharon’s shots at their date in a Cinema

Photos By: Paramount Images

Whether it is the first date or the 20th, going to the movies is a great classic date night idea. It is the epitome of fun, laughing together at funny scenes and sheepishly wiping away tears at the same time not forgeting accidentally bumping fingers in the popcorn bucket.
The cinema was a perfect theme for John and Sharon, who both loving going out to the movies. They are not your everyday couple and what better way to capture such surreal moments of their love!
We loved every moment of it and can’t wait for their wedding happening in a few.

Photos by: Paramount Images

Epic Pre-wedding Photo Shoot from TheBigWedding 2018 winning Couple

When Daniel wrote that; “In walked arguably the most beautiful thing I had seen all week. There wasn’t a lovelier on sight on God’s earth than the beautiful Sandra”, it was easy to rub off this description of his significant other as a biased opinion inspired by love and perhaps the saying that ‘everyone is entitled to his opinion’ would come in handy.

But if you take time and look closely enough, you may certainly agree with him. Sandra is without a doubt very beautiful. TheBigWedding2018 winning couple was recently captured in an epic pre-wedding photo shoot by MB Image World.

The photo shoot captured the lovely couple in different locations among which included; along the Entebbe-Express highway and at a light evening dinner. Daniel and Sandra really looked stunning.

Makeup by: Hairbyzziwa
Photography: MB Image World

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Life and relationship lessons for youths as Bobi Wine and Barbie celebrate seventh wedding anniversary

Besides being granted bail, there is more reason to celebrate today for the Kyagulanyi family as Bobi Wine and his wife Barbie will be marking 7 years in marriage. The youth today could use a pointer or two from the celebrated couple’s marriage whose family serves as a model family to many.

Humble beginnings count

Today, the couple boasts of a substantial amount of wealth but it was not all rosy in the beginning. The couple met years back in a drama production with nothing but dreams, ambitions and mutual feelings. The lack of money did not deter them from pursuing their dreams and a few years down the road, they are living a dream many youth look up to.

Today, not many slay queens would fall for a man who preaches dreams but is short at wallet. The Bobi’s serve testimony to humble beginnings that count.

Behind every successful man is a strong woman

Barbie Kyagulanyi has been very pivotal in pushing Bobi Wine’s career straight from his days as an uprising musician to pushing his career as a politician. Her strong influence in Bobi Wine’s life has led very many people to use the hash tag “every man deserves a Barbie”. In the wake of the Bobi’s detention in Gulu, she was unshaken and always stood by his side. Every youth ought to get themselves a Barbie.

Do not give up on dreams

Bobi Wine started out as a musician but always harboured political ambitions. He referred to himself as a Ghetto president with a dream to step his leadership a notch higher. His “first lady” Barbie, did not stop at nothing to push these dreams. Fast forward, Bobi Wine is delivering political lectures at summits in Harvard and he is arguably Africa’s most trending political icon at the moment. If you believe it, you certainly can achieve it.

Do not forget where you came from

Despite the couple’s success, both their names are still synonymous with the word ghetto.  They have continued supporting the ghetto with various schemes and philanthropy and it is from the ghetto that most of the support this couple has garnered has come from.

Be ready for tests and trials

Like the common notion goes, marriage is never a bed of roses. Barbie and Bobi’s marriage has undergone numerous turbulences such as the occasional biased comparisons with other celebrity couple counterparts, misunderstandings, media brutality and business hiccups. The two have remained as thick as thieves and have always emerged stronger amidst these trying moments. Marriage is never going to come easy but how you deal with the turbulences is what make your marriage stronger.

Credit: Matooke Republic

Amazing Photos from Regina and Paul Colorful Introduction Ceremony

After holding their Kukyala (first visit) on 17th December 2017, Regina and Paul promised their close family members that they would hold a giveaway ceremony the following year in August. Guess what!!! They did not disappoint. They stood by their words.

On Saturday 25th August, Regina officially took Paul Kalyebara home as she officially introduced him in a colourful ceremony that went down in her home village in Manafwa (Eastern Uganda). It was quite epic as friends, family members and loved ones gathered at Regina’s ancestral home to stand witness of the couple’s customary wedding union.

Photography by: Robert Smart of SM-Art Photography


[PHOTOS] Money and Power Rock Bridget & Ramaphosa’s Kuhingira

It was power, pure class and money as the niece of former premier John Patrick Amama Mbabazi introduced Andile Ramaphosa in royal-like traditional marriage ceremony dubbed “kuhingira”.

The glamorous customary wedding ceremony was graced by the presence of all high dignitaries in the land. These included H.E President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni along with the first lady Janet Museveni, Chief Justice Bart Magunda Katureebe, Bank of Uganda governor Emanuel Tusiime Mutebile, businessman Sudhir Ruparelia, Buganda Katikilo Charles Peter Mayiga, current serving Prime minister RT Hon Dr. Ruhakana Rugunda among very many others.


President Museveni was later called to usher in his South African counterpart President Cyril Ramaphosa and his wife. The event which took place at Amama’s residence in Kololo will go down in history as Uganda’s finest in 2018 and perhaps second to the Royal wedding between Prince Harry and Meghan Markel.

Speaking at the event, Amama Mbabazi said; “It is obvious that Andile and Bridget are in love and you can smell it from a distance. For a marriage to be successful, you need to fall in love with the same person every day.”

The family of Cyril Ramaphosa has fulfilled all conditions we put for you to get the hand in marriage of Bridget,” he added.

“We have taught her all good behaviours. Teach her and correct her where she is wrong. Take her.”

“People without a culture are a people without identity

President Yoweri Kaguta Museveni: “I wish Andile & Bridget a happy marriage. Don’t have so many children, that’s recklessness. It was back then where people feared that children would die & decided to give birth to many children but now you’re sure they won’t die.”

Photos by Bamulazeki

Kwanjula Kuhungira Ideas for every couple-Introduction Tips

.Kwanjula or Kuhingira is a traditional marriage ceremony that occurs before every wedding, where the groom-to-be pays the bride price and any other traditional requirements.

Times may be hard but that doesn’t give you any excuse to skip kwanjula customs when it comes to traditional marriages. Your in-laws expect you to satisfy their cultural requirements. So how do you do come up with a realistic Kwanjula or Kuhingira budget?

1. Hold the ceremony at Home

Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead, consider using your own home for your ceremony while eliminating the cost of renting a venue.

This will be eliminating the cost of renting a venue and other costs that come with a venue. For example; at most venues, soft drinks like sodas or water go for Ush.2000 or Ush.2500 yet the actual retail price of a soda is about Ush.900.

A plate of food at a venue ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 (and even beyond) at most of the venues in Uganda yet you could spend 5000 to 10,000 on the same dish if you prepared the same from home

However, it’s best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather; you don’t want to have your kwanjula or kuhungira in a downpour that leaves all your friends and family soaked. That might mean renting a sturdy tent if rain is forecast.


2. Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant.

I understand that preparing food for an introduction is a big job but remember;

  1. You’ll have a lot of family members around that day. And most of them would be willing to help since in Uganda an introduction is for the entire family
  2. This is like a family reunion. Everyone is excited to catch up with relatives they haven’t seen in a long time. So people are generally excited and willing to help.

Alternatively, you can talk to a family member who owns a restaurant and has a catering experience. Before you say you don’t have one in your family, I’d like to remind you that in Africa, a family stretches beyond your immediate cousins. If you just ask within your extended family, you’ll surely find someone with the experience to the prefect kwanjula luwombo or eshabwe. This will drastically reduced the food costs for the ceremony.


3. Know thyself

Some people are leaving beyond their standards or means trying to impress people that don’t even recognize them. One of the wedding planners on parties en events, Sharon told us of one of her clients John who was struggling to raise money for his kwanjula.

As a party planner planner, it’s Sharon’s duty to help her clients realize resources they can use to have their ideal ceremonies.

Fortunately, the Kwanjula was 6 months away and she advised him to find a cheaper house. John rented a one bedroomed house of 250,000 and was able to save over 3 million shillings in only 6 months.

Along with the help of family and friends, John was able to take the “mutwalo” and other gifts and earned his wife.

4. Discuss all the financial details with your wife to be

It is one thing to marry  when both families have strong support from financially stable relatives. This would mean they are willing to bring your budget to life by contributing for every item there.

If you are lucky, the girl could also be coming from a rich family who already have it all. Most of these families dont accept bride price. To them it’s like you are buying their daughter and they won’t attach a value to her. “She’s much more worth than any amount of money or cows!” said Esther’s father at her introduction ceremony.

However, when the families are poor, they tend to demand for a full house set such as water tanks, expensive sofas, fridges and animals when it comes to the kwanjula or kuhingira of their daughter . This can strain the man and he may end up giving up.

To avoid such a scenario, they guy should seat his fiancee down and tell her his financial stand. If the guy really loves her hubby to be, she’ll talk to her parents and the concerned relatives about her fiancee’s financial abilities.

She however has to be honest and set her parents’ expectations low. She has to tell them what her fiancee is able to afford.

In this case they should focus on the key customary items like the parents’ gifts, the “mutwalo”, the marriage customary alcohol(omwenge or beer) and a few other items mandatory for a kwanjula or kuhingira. The fridges, LCD TVs and cars can wait for till your family is financially stable.

Therefore be honest with yourself and communicate with each other effectively. The introduction will surely happen as long as the wife and husband to be mutually agree about their financials.


5. Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid entourage.

While it’s considered customary to have a groomsmen and bridesmaid entourage, it isn’t always necessary. You might say “well, they are willing to buy their attires themselves”, but remeber, they are cutting off the money they would have otherwise contributed to your kwanjula budget.”

All you really need is the maid of honor and the best man. You don’t really need the peg and flower girls if you are on a tight budget and even if you have a little more to spend, you don’t have to as you will need more money for the wedding and even more for the life after. If your friends know that you’re trying to have a frugal wedding, they will understand.


Photo by Rossy Roots Events

Rossy Roots Events

6. Ask for help instead of Introduction gifts and contribution.

There’s a good chance that several of our friends and family have musical talent,  they might be able to provide musical accompaniment for your ceremony. Ronald told us, “We also have a close friend who’s an extremely skilled amateur photographer, and he was willing to photograph our ceremony as his kuhingira contribution. Then, after the ceremony, he provided high-quality digital images of everything and we would edit them with professional image editors when we had settled in, a few months after our wedding”.

Asking family and friends to offer help or services that align with their talents in exchange of a gift is a great way to keep your kwanjula on a budget

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Uganda Rolex Festival 2018 is on this Sunday 19th August

Uganda Rolex Festival 2018. Come and enjoy a Rolex fun filled event from your favourite Rolex guys in Kampala city suburb and uptown restaurants, coupled with entertainment, games, raffle draws, competitions on the best Rolex stall and the best celebrity cookouts.

Let’s celebrate this growing fast-food in Africa, originating from Uganda, in a hygienic Rolex environment.


Entertainment, games, raffle draws, competitions on the best Rolex stall and the best celebrity cookouts


Rolex Festival – Season 3

Useful information

Dates: Aug 19, 2018 – Aug 19, 2018
Times: 09:00:00 – 18:00:00
Venue: Uganda National Museum, Kampala, Uganda

Fee: Adults – UShs. 10,000/=, Children – UShs. 5,000/=