Inspiring Photos from Nicholas and Shawnna’s wedding Event


“There is a light at the end of every tunnel”
Shawnna is one of those who can witness to this saying as true after she found love at a time she had convinced herself that all hope of love was gone.
She made it a reality by giving love a chance when she finally met Nicholas.
” His love was there waiting in the wings and showed up when I least expected it. Our heavenly father has a wonderful way of blessing in abundance,in his own time” She reveals
This unwavering love led to the beginning of their forever on 20.04.2019 when they exchanged vows and later hosted their guests to an epic and fun reception.
We loved the attention to detail and we can’t say enough wonderful things about their ceremony as it was a real manifestation of perfect harmony between two passionate hearts.

Nicholas and Shawnna thank you for choosing us and making us part of something incredibly special. We wish you a happy ever after.

Here’s a sneak peak into how it went down


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PHOTOS: Glamour and excitement rock Hellen Lukoma’s Wedding

Last friday, the slimiest and hottest actress and forever upcoming musician Hellen Lukoma got married to fiance, also former manager Anwar Kaka (whom she nick-named Mr. A) after their introduction ceremony was concluded with a kuwoowa/muslim marriage ceremony at Maria’s place in Buwate. Lukoma was given a muslin name and she shall be known as Hilal. The couple also  celebrated their wedding on the same day, full with maids and a wedding dress.


  • Pink Coconut decor- Decoration
  • Karizma Uganda -Photography
  • Mona faces -Music
  • Sheed Stylz- Hair
  • Berly qouture- Wedding dress

PHOTOS: Crazy happiness As Brian Weds Harriet

Besides all the eating and drinking, not to mention the cake moment, most people will tell you that one of the moments they anxiously look forward to at a wedding is when the bride and groom get on their feet to dance.

Well, these two did not disappoint. All the romantic dances moves were pulled out as Brian wedded Harriet in a beautiful wedding ceremony. From dancing their way into the reception to tripping the light fantastic when they returned after changing.

Initially, Harriet was clad in a beautiful strapless ball gown while Brian had a dapper look in his three-piece black and blue suit.

As EventoUG, we can only say congratulations to you Brian and Harriet. We also wish you a blessed marriage.


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PHOTOS: Collins & Aline Exchange vows

Exchanging vows with your loved one in the presence of family and friends could be one of the best things to experience in life.
Collins and Aline had a dream come true for them on 17.11.18 when they finally said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony that was filled with so many jolly moments. Aline couldn’t hold her smile as she walked down the aisle at All saints Cathedral hand in hand with her guardian to meet Collins, the love of her life.
The couple later treated their guests to an epic reception at Munyonyo common wealth resort.
It was such a lavish ceremony.

To love and to hold A ring is a symbol of lasting love

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite” anonymous

Take my hand and never let go

All eyes on the bride as she takes on the dance floor

Uganda weddings

PHOTOS: Efi Koelewijn and Joseph Matsiga pull off a classy wedding with only Shs13million

[Uganda Weddings] Meeting someone in a simple, yet beautiful way, followed by an equally simple wedding isn’t a combination you find any day.

But this is what happened to Efi Koelewijn and Joseph Matsiga. After two years of praying at University Christian Fellowship (UCF), Efi, a community psychologist and baker decided to join the worship team and had to talk to the choir director, Joseph, to do that.

That was the first time she talked to her now husband, the communications person at UCF although she had been seeing him on stage before.

We became friends and then everything went pretty fast. Two months after, we were in a relationship,” Efi reveals.

“When we got together, we had total conviction and we knew the direction to take. The goal wasn’t to hang round, we were focused on doing everything right, being together and getting married,” Matsiga emphatically states.

A year and eleven months after they met, on September 22, the two tied the knot at Makerere Full Gospel Church, Makerere.

We live in a time when having mega weddings is the new normal. However the Matsigas decided to keep their wedding simple, uncomplicated but cosy. That said, having a simple wedding doesn’t have to mean having substandard things. What it calls for however is setting priorities and sticking to them. This is the story of how the Matsigas went about their wedding.

“What I wanted for our wedding was that it would be simple yet warm. A few close people – family, friends, who have been there through our walk in life,” Efi explains. On the other hand, Joseph dreamed of a mega wedding.

“In my head, I wanted this humongous, mega wedding but meeting her and talking over it made me start asking myself questions of why I wanted this. So we eventually got on the same page and decided to keep it simple. However even in the process of keeping things simple, there were certain things I really wanted to see happening and yet she didn’t see it that way,” he says.


“Compromising and crossing over to what she had in mind was a bit of a problem we had through the preparations. One of the biggest issues we had was with the wedding venue,” Matsiga admits. Whereas he wanted an outdoor wedding reception, Efi wanted an indoor wedding in a hall.

To find a common ground, they settled for having their reception at Fairway Hotel in Kampala. “But even at the hotel, we went for the least expensive offers on the list,” Matsiga points out.

However, two weeks to the wedding, the hotel management changed the deal they had with them and needed the couple to throw in an extra Shs10,000 per plate. “I wanted to change the venue but we weren’t successful. She suggested we have the reception at UCF, but I had my own reservations. So we stayed at Fairway Hotel, but reduced our guest list by half – from 300 people to only 150,” he adds


ong things that helped the couple keep costs down was being strategic on hiring friends and people they knew. “For the videography for example, I have a friend who does videography and photography so he agreed to work for us with the little money we had and as for decoration, we got a service provider who does it for our church. We were very strategic and very open that we really don’t have a lot. So, we were working at a friendly level,” Matsiga shares.

Prioritising and cost-cutting

“Our final guest list had 150 people. We gave the hotel Shs50,000 per person and those who came to the reception and weren’t on our guest list, took soda and cake. We didn’t spend any extra cash on food,” Matsiga confides.

When it came to the cars, Efi says they had an entourage of 14 people and so they needed about four cars. “I wanted us to get cars from friends, but Joseph wanted Benzes and to strike a balance, we decided to just hire two Benzes at Shs150,000 each and borrowed other cars from different friends we knew,” Efi says.

From EventoUG team, we wish them a very happy marriage.

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‘I composed a song for him in the lecture room because I was so in-love

Olivia Nabacwa, a businesswoman, and Solomon Sserunyaze, an accountant got married on 8th, July this year. The two met through a friend in October 2015. When love took over their beings, she composed a song for him. In her song Olivia compared marriage to preparing a meal. If you do not invest enough time, it would be half cooked or get burnt. She pledged to be there for him always because he is the love of her life. Writes Beatrice Nakibuuka

How did you meet?

Solomon: I met her through Maria, a friend. I had asked to be friends with all her friends and Olivia was among them. She looked young, innocent and she was a student at the time. When I saw her, I knew she would be my wife.

What attracted you to each other?

Solomon: When Maria introduced Olivia to me, we started talking and as I made myself familiar to her, I discovered many values in her. She is God-fearing, friendly, charming, disciplined, and developmental; she looks at long term plans.

Olivia: Solomon is God-fearing. When we met, he was the assistant church treasurer. He gave me time to make my decision. He was hardworking, focused, respectful and loved my friends and relatives. He was determined and on our first date, he told me that he wanted us to be together until marriage.

So when did you become close?

The couple poses with their entourage after church

Solomon: Six months after our meeting, we went for dates but our relationship was focused on marriage. We did not have any pressure. I was sure I wanted her to be my wife.

Olivia, what prompted you to compose a song for him? 

Olivia: When you fall in love, things just happen. The song Ggwe taala was inspired by the love we share.

How long did it take to compose and rehearse till you were ready to sing the song?

Olivia: A month to my introduction, I was in  a lecture room then I thought of something sweet I could do for Solomon because he loves me. I then began writing whatever I felt in my notebook. That is how I came up with the lyrics of the song. It was more of a poem at first then I thought a song would be better.

The groom devours the first official serving from his woman

Is there a recorded version of the song?

Olivia: Yes. I recorded the song with James K who guided me with the rhythms. I rehearsed for two weeks. I first sung it at our introduction.

What was his reaction to it?

Olivia: Solomon was very happy and he felt so special because it was a surprise to him. All the people that attended were moved by the song. I was supposed to sing the same song at the reception but because I had lost my voice to a cough and flu, we only played it because it was already recorded. Solomon keeps listening to it all the time.

Would you say you generally have a beautiful voice?

Olivia: I think my voice is just okay but it works for him.[Giggles]

Ugandan rapper GNL Zamba marries American fiancee

Ugandan rapper GNL Zamba’s single days are over. The rapper also known as Ernest Nsimbi Zamba married Miriam Tamar, also an artiste from America. Sorry for the ladies who were eyeing him!

Zamba took to his Instagram page @therealGnlZamba to break the news of his marriage. He posted a photo of him and his newly wed wife at their reception in Malibu, Califonia.

The couple met in Uganda and GNL left with Tamar to the US to further his education and music. He is well known for his luga-flow music including hits like Kikankane, Sesetula among others.

[PHOTOS] Brian and Pearl lavish wedding at Pearl Of Africa Hotel

If their engagement session at Extreme Adventure Park in Busiika wasn’t adventurous enough, then their wedding was. Well, without all the adrenaline rush. Brian and Pearl tied the knot at St Luke Ntinda before hosting their guest to a lavish reception at Pearl of Africa Hotel. Awesome is an understatement. The wedding was extremely beautiful and fun. The rustic centerpieces  and wooden stand for the cake created a unique exceptional day. The evening was framed with a lot of laughter, heartfelt speeches and great music.

Make UP by : Serenity Beauty [Check out Vendor]

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Photography: Paramount Images [Check out Vendor]