PHOTOS: Kevin & Bridget’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot speaks volumes and glowing love

For us at EventoUG, 2018 is a year that just kept on Ken’s Shot Photography have revolutionalized pre-wedding photo shoots on our watch towards the end of the year. They aren’t just taking photos at beautiful photo shoot sites, they are creating special love stories through photography.

And for photographer in Uganda’s wedding industry, they have really set the bar quite high and we can’t wait to see what they got in stock for us come 2019 and in the future after that. But for now, let’s just treat our sights to these exceedingly beautiful shots.

Pre-wedding shoot by: Ken’s shot photography
Lighting by: Emma Kironde
Makeup & Effects by: Esther Nakaziba
Costumes: Maria Kiberu
Concept by: Ken’s shot photography






Photos: Classy and inspiring Perez & Maria’s Pre-wedding Photo Shoot

Perez and Maria are melting our hearts in all the right places and all for the right reasons. Their pre-wedding photo shoot was filled with early promises of a happily ever after even before the beautiful couple could actually exchange their vows.

The two lovebirds met a couple of years back when a story of friendship and love unfold, and now their hearts only beat for each other.

“My heart beats for only him/her”, were the words that adorned the couple’s T-shirts at some point during their photo shoot.

Their pre-wedding shoot is so beautiful and is getting us in our feelings. Did we mention that it was also done by our friends at Dynamic Wedding Photography!!!


Dynamic Wedding Photography

Dynamic Weddings Photography

Dynamic wedding




PHOTOS: Collins & Aline Exchange vows

Exchanging vows with your loved one in the presence of family and friends could be one of the best things to experience in life.
Collins and Aline had a dream come true for them on 17.11.18 when they finally said “I do” in a beautiful ceremony that was filled with so many jolly moments. Aline couldn’t hold her smile as she walked down the aisle at All saints Cathedral hand in hand with her guardian to meet Collins, the love of her life.
The couple later treated their guests to an epic reception at Munyonyo common wealth resort.
It was such a lavish ceremony.

To love and to hold A ring is a symbol of lasting love

“Every love story is beautiful but ours is my favourite” anonymous

Take my hand and never let go

All eyes on the bride as she takes on the dance floor

Inspiring shots: Dazzling Model Nabell Sophie Pregnancy PhotoShoot

The ultimate pride and joy of every woman lies in the idea of bringing another life into this world. It’s for that fact that women all over the world command a high level of respect when it comes to the norms of society.

And now Model Nabell Sophie is a mother, a mother to a beautiful baby girl according to her photographers at Kimera Photography. From now on, she will have to think twice before making certain decision in life; first for herself and then for her offspring.

The super model dazzled in her pregnancy photo shoot with Kimera Photography just days before giving birth to her baby girl. From us all at EventoUG we say congratulations to you and we also send a round of applause to the photographers for these wonderful shots.


Kimera Photography

Peter Russell (Make Up)




I Look At You And See The Rest Of My Life –Geofrey & Robinah

Geofrey and Robinah are all the pre-wedding cuteness and inspiration you need to start the new week. There is nothing traditional about it but rather everything trendy. A pre-wedding photo shoot by landing site was quite a beauty.

“I look at you and see the rest of my life in front of my eyes,” Geofrey to Robinah as quoted by the couple’s photographer Kimera Photography.

It is so beautiful and while Uganda is celebrating her independence, these two lovebirds are celebrating life together and a union for. On a late evening, their pre-wedding shoot captured multi scenes and happy moments with an explosive burst of colours accentuating the love that exists between them.