Photo Album: Tears of Joy As Rema Namakula officially introduces new man

Most of us thought its joke but the Siri Muyembe hit maker today introduced her new boyfriend Hamza in a lavish ceremony keeping social media relatives jealous.

The Okukyala ceremony is underway at her parent’s home in Nabbingo Battaka.

News of Rema’s intended marriage to Sebunya broke the internet on August 31, 2019, when photos from their secret Nikkah were circulated on social media.

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Photos: Observer’s Nicholas Bamulanzeki Introduced By Bea

Albert Einstein once said that “you can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” Indeed Nicholas Bamulanzeki can’t blame gravity but rather Brenda Matama’s beauty that tripped him to fall in love with the Kyenjojo born queen.

For a guy who is almost always on the road, busy behind the camera lenses to bring us pictures that tell a story, one can’t help it wonder how he found time to get cozy and play footsie as he fell in love and yet somehow he did.

Over the weekend, the renowned Observer Newspaper photojournalist was the center of attention for the cameras as he was being introduced by his fiancée at an elegant kweranga ceremony in Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda.

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Her father insisted she had to get a master’s degree before I could marry her

By Phionah Nassanga

True love waits. Many parents in Uganda consider bringing a husband home after a degree, a success. Considering that, after her first degree, Ashley Nansubuga 24, an accountant with Coffee Uganda Development Authority was ready for wedding splendour with her man, Bashir Katugga, 27, a software engineer, businessman and farmer. Her father had a twist coming for them. He wanted a master’s degree from his daughter first.

It was early in 2014 at Islamic University in Uganda (IUIU) Mbale, when Bashir travelled to attend his sister’s graduation ceremony, that he spotted a girl that looked familiar. He could not remember her name. Days later, his friend mentioned the name Ashley. Bashir remembered the girl he had seen and asked for her contact. He called her and she picked but excused herself shortly, promising to call back later as she was travelling from Mbale to Kampala. She didn’t call.

“I did not know who it was so I did not find a reason to call back, “Ashley explains.

Bashir was not deterred. “I called her again after two days. This time she was travelling back to Mbale. We decided that I would call round 10pm after she had reached campus,” Bashir explains.

At 10pm, Bashir called her again but she arrived past that time so they turned to a WhatsApp conversation. It was during this chat that Ashley realised they had attended the same schools from primary to secondary. Unfortunately, she did not remember him even after he had sent his photos. The conversation was left to fall around their former schools that day.

They finally met again physically in May 2014.

“We met after my first semester. I physically wanted to know the kind of person he was because even before I could get to know him, he had proved to be caring, something that drew my attention,” Ashley explains. Bashir knowing who she was on the other hand did not have a lot of expectations on that day. “I knew the person I was about to meet. It was not a blind date,” he comments.

For two years, their friendship was mostly kept on phone because it as expensive to travel between Kampala and Mbale. That did not stop him from calling to find out how she was doing, asking if she had eaten lunch, calling at 10am, 1pm and at night every day.

The couple kept in close communication and each time she was in Kampala, they would meet. “What I remember is that each time I was in town, he made sure to take me to his friends’ functions especially during Ramadan but he seemed protective,” Ashley points out.

Their relationship never seemed to shift passed friendship until Bashir was forced into confessing his love for Ashley after seeing messages from another man.

We had had an argument and did not talk the whole weekend. On August 5, 2016, when we met again, I accidently read through her WhatsApp chats, only to discover there was another person chasing after her love. I got jealous and on our way to the taxi park near Bank of Uganda, for the first time, I told her about my feelings for her,” Bashir confides.

Ashley wasted no time when she heard this news; “I had kept telling myself he is the right man for me. However, each time he told his friends I was just a friend. When he found out someone else was interested in me, he then opened up that he loved me. I happily said that I loved him too because I had really fallen for him,” confesses Ashley.

The couple eventually had their introduction ceremony and wedding on August 31st. They tell the rest of the story.

PHOTOS: Hellen Lukoma’s astonishing Kukyala ceremony

The entertainment industry has made news this weekend as Ugandan party girl, actress,fashion designer and singer  was taken off the shelf this Sunday in a magnificent kukyala ceremony with mysterious man. Hellen Lukoma first showed off her engagement ring months ago and indeed things seem to have shaped up with her man.  This news comes just a day after NTV’s Flavia Tumusiime also introduced her man to her parents on Saturday. Here is Lukoma’s  kukyala in Photos

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NTV’s Flavia Tumusiime Introduces Hubby To Parents

Ugandan radio and television star Flavia Tumusiime yesterday (Saturday 17th November 2018) introduced renowned sports journalist Andrew Kabuura to her parents.

The traditional function known as ‘Kuhingira’ was held at Tumusiime’s parent’s home in the Western Uganda district of Kiruhura.

It was attended by a few close friends and relatives of the couple.

The couple had been dating for some time but preferred to keep their relationship away from the public until may this year when she declared it to the public.

EventoUG understands that the couple is planning to wed in the coming months.

From EventoUG congratulations Flavia and Andrew.