Top 5 best events photographers around Kampala

Uganda weddings and events website EventoUG has had sleepless nights on this and today we bring you our top 5 events photographers around kampala that will make your wedding , birthday, kwanjula, photoshoot through the lens phenomenal.

1. Paramount Images

These guys confidently topped our list because they have proved their work even without making noise about it. Photos and videos taken by guys at Paramount Images are super unique and in HD. Their photos are of a high resolutions with super high pixels and their drones for aerial photography will give you double heart beat on glimpse on images  they take. They capture every bit of your love story in a creative, graceful and elegant style.

They are located at Serena Conference Center, First Floor Room 327, Kampala, Uganda and Quality Shopping Village, Namugongo, Room B4.

2. Katende Muhammad Photography

This guy has been in business for over a decade and his photography prowess has thrived to level you cant even imagine. He will take a shot in 2d and on paper it will appear as if 5D and in super HD. He has slowly become a king of the lens and apparently you will find him at almost every wedding ceremony around Kampala. He is located in Kamwokya, on Kira road.

3. Dynamic Wedding Photography

When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots, introductions and birthdays, these guys are just gods in the lens business. During our research, we landed on the photos taken by guys at Dynamic wedding photography and we were  purely blown up by how classic they looked. Whether in soft copy or hard copy, these guys will give you the best of reality through that high mega pixel camera lens.

4. Storyline Pictures

From all kind of videography and events photography these guys will draw your CONCEPT TO COMPLETION. They can do both arial and straight photography for all kind of events be it weddings, introduction ceremonies, birthdays and more. A few of their shoots we saw proved their presence on their list

5. Peak shots Photography

Probably one of the youngest guys in industry, Aine Derrick the CEO of peakshots photography has proved his wrath when it comes to birthday photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, baby showers and concert related events. H has slowly dominated this market and his work speaks on its behalf. What we got to know about this guy is that he will give you quality work at very affordable rates.

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Considerations when choosing your wedding brides maids

He has proposed and organising a dream wedding is now priority. But, first things first, you have to sort out the details of putting a bridal team in place. The dynamics of choosing a bridal team are amazing. Some believe that it is the “right” of unmarried women to be included on the bridal team. Naturally your friends and sisters come to mind. Make your pick depending on your situation.

But you may leave some egos bruised. How are you going to tell your overzealous friend or your husband’s sister that she has not been chosen when she has already shown you samples of the possible fashion for the dresses your bridesmaids, herself inclusive, will wear? Some brides are lucky not to have to break this kind of news. If you must, however, make sure your friend can contribute in other areas and let her know early enough.

Every bride has her reasons for choosing her team. After hand picking the bridesmaids, let them know in time to prepare for your big day. Of course you will have to pick the maid of honour first because they have a huge responsibility to carry.

Strike a balance, some brides opt for a selection of a maid from every area of their life: one each from the groom’s side, friends at work and church and relatives. There is, however, no rule to this and you can’t make everyone happy. Do not succumb to the pressure to include other people’s choices because at the end of the day, it is up to you really.

Even though the bride-to-be reserves the right to decide what her bridesmaids will wear, she has to take into consideration what they are comfortable with. Some of your friends may not be comfortable with exposing a lot of flesh or wearing high heels for a long period of time.

Flower girls

Some couples are opting to leave children out of the entourage. But you can enjoy the company of the traditional ring bearer or the little princesses who throw rose petals just before you walk down the aisle. Bear in mind though that little children get tired quickly and may become distressed so understanding their temperaments is key. It helps to have their mothers or someone they know nearby. Make sure that they eat in short intervals. It also helps if you personally know the children involved.

Numbers matter

When choosing your bridesmaids, the number matters. Some brides are obsessed with a crowd. It is your wedding after all but bear this in mind: The number of maids will affect your transport budget, the seating arrangement and time management

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Pick people you feel free around
It is not wise to choose someone as a part of your entourage just because she chose you to be a part of her bridal team. Every woman has friends, undeniably, but how many are bosom friends? Since it is your day, you should be surrounded by people you feel free around and what’s more, laugh like crazy and not be phony

Ability to foot their bill
For others, being able to afford the expenses of one’s self is key in determining their choices. Initially, people had to raise money for the bridesmaids’ dresses and other accessories. These days, having your bridesmaid footing that expense saves you a lot of money.

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What to do if you are both virgins at wedding night

Dear Counsellor:

In three weeks, I am going to marry a marvelous girl. She promises that she is a virgin too. I am very glad! Yet I worry. How can I marry? I know too little about sex. When I hear guys talk about sex, their talk is dirty stories. One time when I asked a question, they told me, “If you want to learn, go have sex with a woman who has experience.” I don’t want to do that because I am a Christian. I am sorry to ask you to write about such things. But I constantly worry. What will my wife think about me if she sees that I don’t know how to make sex enjoyable for her?  I need to know what a man should do on his wedding night.

No subject in the history of the world has inspired as much mythology and insecurity as sex. For a virgin on his or her wedding night, the pressure can easily turn into outright panic. Counsellor Joseph Musaalo offers no nonsense advice for brides and grooms who have saved themselves for marriage.

There are lots of myths about virgins. Often the facts have been twisted. I hope the following tips can be of help to you in this area: A groom and bride need knowledge about what to do on the wedding night, and they should receive that knowledge at the right time—before the wedding. Virgins often become worried and full of anxiety because they receive wrong information like that which you received from your peers. So let us set the record straight. After their wedding, when a virgin groom and bride enter the bedroom, they are happy but at the same time anxious. Before marriage, they might have been tempted to have sex, but they said no. Instead, they waited for this day, and now it has come! They will enjoy sex more because they know that it is right for them to begin sex now. God approves and their families approve. Yet in their minds are lots of questions.

The man wants sex with his wife but he wonders, “If I fail to satisfy her, will she doubt that I’m a real man? The wife also wants to have sex with her husband but she asks herself, “Will it hurt?”

From the beginning, her attitude should say something like: “You must not worry if I don’t reach orgasm tonight. I won’t blame you or say there is something wrong with you. As the days and months pass, we will learn to satisfy one another. And we will enjoy the learning.” Likewise, his attitude should say: “I will be careful not to hurt you. I won’t think only of my own pleasure. I will help you to enjoy.” If you can cultivate these attitudes then your fears will disappear and you will feel free to talk —telling each other what hurts and what feels nice.

Some inexperienced men believe that women prefer men to be very physical and aggressive during sex. But the truth is that your woman probably prefers you to be gentle, especially if you are penetrating her for the first time. This reflects the tenderness you feel toward your wife. Marriage is a giving relationship, so do what your partner likes. If you do, it is only natural that she will give back what you like. A wife who is showered with affection will reciprocate, as this is a woman’s number one need in a relationship.

A lot of pressure is put on the wedding night, especially for the inexperienced bride and groom. But in fact, some schools of thought say that it is O.K. not to have intercourse on the first night, if you are able to wait. In fact, you can just agree to explore each other’s bodies, admiring and appreciating each other until you are both ready to go for it. This helps to melt the fear and anxiety you may be feeling. And after all, many couples will find themselves exhausted after their wedding.

Remember, it is important to learn each other’s needs through free and open communication so that you do not cause more anxiety in your partner or stumble over each other.A virgin groom and a virgin bride have the very, very special joy of learning together from no one except each other.

Getting into the mood

After your wedding, when the two of you are alone in a bedroom, I suggest that you begin with a simple prayer, especially if your cause for waiting was because of God: “Dear Lord, in all the years of our marriage we want to be unselfishly kind to each other. With joy we will spend our lives serving you together.” If there is anything that did not go well, or that annoyed you during your wedding, kindly settle it and forgive each other before this moment. After prayer, relax. Talk in a carefree way. You have nothing to worry about. You will enjoy this evening. Lock the door, as brides especially may feel their concentration affected if their environment is not secure. Then enjoy undressing each other. Don’t hurry. Spend time kissing each other and continue undressing each other gently.

Do not hide in the dark. Enjoy seeing each other’s bodies in the light. Remember, you are a precious and special gift to each other from God, hence there is a need to handle each other with tender loving care.

The following should be considered a guide rather than a rigid formula.

You should begin your love play caressing each other’s upper body. Then, after some minutes, the wife may become excited and move his hand down to her sex organs. Remember women are slower than men in getting ready for sex. As he caresses her he should freely ask, “Do you prefer that I caress you here or there… like this, or like that?” To your bride this shows love, care and being sensitive not merely to your own desires but to hers as well. This will increase your intimacy, closeness and bonding. She should let him know each time he does something that helps her excitement to grow. This will encourage him. Husbands remember that your wife will not be thinking, “I wish he had practiced on other girls so he would know what to do.” Instead, she will be saying, “I love being his only sex partner. I am glad he has never done this to anyone else!”

There is need to continue with love play for quite some time (about 30 minutes). Why? Because your virgin wife may need a longer time with love play than a woman who has been married for many years.

The Act

After enjoying love play for a long time, the bride may say, “I am so excited; I think it’s time.” Then she can use her hands to move his penis to her vagina. But she must be careful. If she touches the end of his penis with dry hands, it might be painful to him. So you may apply a lubricant (such as K-Y Jelly), which can be secured from any pharmacy. She may have a hymen, which is a small piece of skin, or membrane, which may bleed when it breaks during sex.

Listen, husband. Your natural desire may drive you to enter quickly, but for the sake of your wife, be slow and gentle. Your wife will likely feel less pain if you enter slowly and gently. This first encounter may redeem or ruin your marriage for a long while, so look at the long term rather than your satisfaction, right now. After you have entered, you should wait for a while, as love play continues, to excite your wife. This process will help her to achieve orgasm as well as you. In case both of you achieve orgasm at the same time; husband, do not turn your back to your wife and snore. Instead, continue to hold her gently and say tender words to her, affirm what she did. Later you can both sleep.

Remember that not many couples succeed in both having orgasms on their first night. In many cases, the husband reaches orgasm and the wife does not. If this happens, relax: The important thing is building a strong relationship on which all these things will come in time. Therefore, wife, do not tell yourself, “My body is under-sexed.” Husband, do not say, “My body cannot satisfy my wife.” Sex for a virgin is like tasting a certain dish for the first time; taste develops over time for some people, while for others, it comes right away. Either way, don’t focus too much on whether you did or you didn’t. Instead, remind each other, “As husband and wife, we will learn to satisfy each other.

Learning will be fun. And we will never have sex with anyone else.” Do not feel discouraged if your sex is not very satisfying during the first days of your marriage. As months pass, you will learn how to please each other. However, it is a fact that couples that talk to each other freely learn faster.

Myth vs. Fact

Not all girls are the same. Commonly, virgin girls have a thin hymen with an opening of about two centimetres in diameter. A man’s hard penis is typically about three or four centimetres in diameter, so the hymen may stretch or break during first sex. This may cause little bleeding and pain. However, many girls don’t bleed when they first have sex. Some girls are born without a hymen. Sometimes a girl’s hymen breaks without sex—during school sports, or when she uses menstrual tampons. If a girl does not bleed on her wedding night, it does not mean that she is not really a virgin. A few girls have thick hymens. On her wedding night, a girl with a thick hymen may find that her husband cannot penetrate easily. In that case she can try using her fingers to stretch her hymen. This may take about five days. Each day she spends about two minutes stretching it with her fingers. At first she may be able to put in one finger. After about five days she will be able to put in three fingers. Then her husband should be able to penetrate. In rare cases, a woman may have to have her hymen surgically removed in order to be able to have sex with her husband.

A virgin-bride might be worried about her first night with her husband, but she should remember that this is normal. She should try to take a position that: “It is O.K. if I bleed on my wedding night. It’s O.K. if I don’t.”

I hope the information above will help you to enjoy your marriage. And to those who have graciously guarded their virginity, I encourage you to continue doing so until the right time and the right person comes in your life, so that you can joyfully give yourself to that person after your marriage.

Joseph Musaalo is a counselor and psychologist with a Christian perspective at Adonai Counseling and Training Services in Kampala. He also works at Friends Polyclinic and Uganda Christian.

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Kenya Award winning cake maker gives hints on having best cake for an event

Hashnunish Sultan, the CEO custom cakes by HASH gives intending brides advice on  what to consider when making a wedding cake. Her confectionery was named “wedding cake company of the year” in Kenya wedding awards 2018. Hash’s letter to brides reads;

Dear Bride to be,

Let me take this moment to educate you about your wedding cake.

Professional baker vs baking relative

By the time you come to a baker, you must have researched about them. When you choose one, its probably because they have a good track record. So please avoid comparing your aunt who bakes for the family functions to a professional baker that you yourself reached out to. When your mother tells you; “ But your aunt can make your cake for free.” Please light a fire and send smoke signals to your ancestors and ask them to speak to your mother in her sleep and make her stop these hallucinations of thinking Aunt Glado can do it better . But if Aunty is a professional baker, and you’ve seen her previous work, and you’re very happy with it, then scratch out the above rant . You’re lucky to have Aunt Glado .

Remember that the cake you’re ordering is actually for the guests and not for you .

The Cake decor can and should be your choice because it has to go with the vision you have for your wedding set up, but when it comes to flavors, remember you will not eat the whole cake  by yourself .

Many newly weds only get to taste the cake after cake cutting, and its finally that moment to feed each other. It is highly likely that you won’t eat much of that cake. So please order a flavor that’s a hit to the majority of your  guests. We in the business know very well what’s a hit and what’s not. When you decide to order zucchini cake , cucumber cake , cabbage cake etc, just remember that 99% of your guests don’t want vegetables in their cake.

Fruit cake vs other flavours

Please stop asking for fruit cakes just because you want it to last for your first  anniversary. You should only order it if you honestly love the taste. If 90% of your guests hate the  cake you ordered, you will find that many  just nibbled on it like rats and left it on the table.

Did you know that your baker will be happy to make for you a fresh anniversary cake a year later at No extra cost if you negotiate that from the start?  Even if the prices change a year later, yours won’t change because you already made the payments and agreement.

Age consideration when making cake

Most young people have experimented with cake and might to want have exotic flavours but the old folks do love fruit cake. It is what they’re used to. Choose to mix-match the cake accordingly.

Parents cake should always be a flavor that parents love not what you love . You want everything edible at the wedding from food to cake. Remember you spent that money to please the guests not to end up in the trash . The rest of the cake should be a crowd pleaser.

Al that said, don’t forget to consider yourself. I usually make a point of making the smallest cake (the top tier ) the brides favorite flavor so that its what she gets to eat. She can even  take it with her later .

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The cake contract is between you and the baker not the whole wedding committee, period.

When it comes to your wedding cake, it is okay to discuss with the committe but once that is done, keep them far from your baker. If you  brought the cake service provider  to the meeting, in that case, designate one of the committee members  to keep consulting with the baker. Most times, when you leave the cake business to the committee, they have no clue as to what you discussed with your baker and will instead cause little dis-organisations and headaches which you don’t want at the brink of your ceremony.

What times should you check with the baker on how the cake is progressing?

A baker should  get in touch with you at least a week or two before the wedding because, although the order could have been made earlier, that’s when they have to plan out your cake. Again, committee members don’t have to come and look into this.  Leave them  to overlook the D-Day details.  Some committee members want to seem important and tend to ask for changes so that they have an input, that infringes on bakers because you discussed what you want as the bride prior.

If there are changes to be made , the communication should be between bride and baker only. Incase you don’t want to deal with the baker, then send that one committee person you designated for cake to handle it. Also consider wedding planners to designate for communication with the baker. Most of us have worked together and know how to handle each other .

Your cake matron should be told to step aside after her  speech.

Cake matrons usually give us(bakers) mini heart attacks. And don’t forget how they hack into a cake like they’re bringing down a mall that’s on riparian land . These days we have cakes that have complicated structures and support .They need to be told to talk to the baker so that they can be told how to handle the Cake or work together with the baker. The cake is firstly the baker’s territory until the baker walks out of the venue .

Quality comes at a cost so be ready to cough up some CASH.

Mater of factly, good cake isn’t cheap and cheap cake isn’t good.Cake is as important as the food and alcohol, accord it the money it deserves. Do you realize that the cake is the show stopper? Many people who come to a wedding come to see the bride’s dress , the food and prime time is the CAKE!  For you to spend about Shs 18,000000 on the escort cars but want to pay Shs1,000,000 on a cake is unrealistic. Remember the cake will serve 500 guests vs cars that will carry 10 of your family members . Sometimes the guests won’t even see the car you came in but everyone will see the cake you will cut. Accord cake its worth.

Most of all, demand to eat the food and the cake . You’re the one who paid for it after all. Also, please remember to give feedback to your baker . We usually don’t sleep until we hear from you . We sometimes can’t even eat or breathe. Good or bad, we need to hear from you as much as we heard from you before the wedding .

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20 Activities To Make Your Wedding Day Interesting

For the longest time, Ugandan weddings have followed this one mundane routine – the couple gets ready from a hotel or residential. Arrive for the ceremony. Seat through the vows and sermon, before driving off to some location for a photo session. Find Events Planners Around You HERE.

Then the reception! Whoever came up with the reception program for Ugandan weddings is a real sadist. Like, hey, why not get bored on their wedding? How can someone be so heartless?

If you have attended so many Ugandan weddings, you know what am talking about, right?  You literally have nothing to look forward to except that the remaining bachelor in your circle of friends is finally getting married.

But despair not! There are many ways weddings can be fun, interactive and interesting. Below are some activities you can carry out to have a wedding day worth remembering.

Don’t forget, it is not every day that you have a wedding so you want to make this one day count.

1. Broadcast your love story. This is a short video that highlights your love journey. It is an entertaining way of letting your guests know more about you as a couple.

2. Have a memory lane. Like the love story, a memory lane tells the couple’s story through their family and friends.

3. Set up a cocktail or popcorn bar to create an interactive environment for your guests.

. Have a father – daughter or mother – son dance at the wedding reception.

5. Set up a creative photo booth. It adds a fun and unique experience to your wedding day. All you need is a beautiful backdrop and props for your guests to goof around with and create memories.

6.     Play some games. Wedding games are one sure way of adding life to your reception. Try the flip cup. It is a drinking completion between two different groups; bridesmaids and groomsmen, bride and groom, young and old. The shoe game is one of the most common wedding games. Place two chairs back to back. Remove both shoes, trade a shoe and have the Emcee ask questions about your relationship. Hold up the shoe of the person you think is the answer to the question.

7.     Have a guest book or signing photo at the entrance of your reception venue for guests to scribble their good thoughts and share some advice with the newlyweds

8.  Organize pre-wedding activities for the groomsmen and bridesmaids to get to know each other before the wedding. Come up with team building games or organize a small get-together like a brunch or barbecue to converge both parties.

9.  Make your ring bearer a ring security guard. Cool idea, right?

Choosing your perfect dinner suit

With a fine line between fancy and fancy-dress, we’d like to offer up some do’s and don’ts when it comes to choosing your Dinner Suit. Black Tie no longer means black is your only suit colour option.

I recently went to an open air rock concert, attended by rich and famous and mere mortals , the dress code was black tie and I pretty much saw every take on this classic theme. Whilst I encourage individuality and expressing yourself the fine line of good taste was crossed far too many times.

OK, so you only wear a dinner suit a handful of times a year but do you really want to turn up in a not great fitting hire suit and look very average? Invest in a well-made roomten dinner suit that fits you properly, using great fabrics you’ll always look good”. At EventoUG, we recommend on our best vendor in classic dinner suits The Creative HUB UG. 

With a dinner jacket, it’s the small details that make the difference: the facing material on the lapels should match the braiding on the trousers and ideally the button fabric.Grosgrain silk, rather than satin, looks more considered and elegant. “The fabric is important because it’s got to last; traditionally it’ll be wool barathea, medium to heavy weight or you can go for mohair – at roomten we’ve introduced a wool and mohair mix. The beauty of mohair is it plays on the light – you get a luminescence you don’t get from wool.

Choosing the right lapel for you

“Ideally, you should have a peak or shawl lapel. A notch lapel looks rather ordinary and as a rule we don’t recommend it. A peak lapel looks a bit more special and if you’re not the most naturally athletic person, it will draw the eyes out to the shoulders and will accentuate that V-shape you want from a well-fitting suit.

Double-breasted dinner suit

Throwing back to the glory days of Forties Hollywood, a double-breasted jacket comes with four to six silk-covered buttons instead of the regular one or two. In line with the rise of the DB suit in recent seasons we’ve seen the return of the DB dinner jacket (in both black and off-white). The one golden rule? Keep the top button fastened and the bottom unfastened at all times when standing up.

Patterned dinner suit

For evening-wear aficionados looking for something a little bolder, try out a patterned dinner suit. This could be a full on tartan or check style fabric however we have some much more subtle options for you to consider from two of our favorite mills, Ariston and Holland & Sherry. Whether you use a patterned fabric just for the jacket or for the whole suit will depend largely on the design, we will help and advise accordingly. Just remember to limit all your accessories to straightforward black and white to make the jacket stand out for all the right reasons.

Three-piece dinner suit

Another style we’ve seen re-emerge on red carpets over the past two or three seasons is the rebirth of the three-piece evening suit. Adding a matching waistcoat into the mix makes this quite possibly the most gentlemanly black tie option out there, we recommend a 4 button low scooped waistcoat design which will be seen when the jacket is undone only. The other benefit of wearing a waistcoat with your dinner suit is it replaces the need for a cummerbund.

Midnight blue Dinner Suit

One of the most common questions we get asked is, ‘can you wear a blue suit to a black tie event?’ And our answer is, of course you can – in fact it is arguably more traditional to do so than by wearing black. Originating in 1865 when the Prince of Wales, later King Edward VII, commissioned his tailor to make a more laid-back tailcoat for his downtime at Sandringham, the craze for midnight blue dinner suits was re-ignited with James Bond’s shawl-collared tuxedo in Skyfall and it’s still going strong.

Apart from standing out in a sea of black and white, one of the big advantages of going for a midnight blue dinner suit is that under artificial light (whether of the flashbulb or overhead variety) this material reads more black than black.

We are also seeing a trend towards a brighter shade of Navy rather than the classic midnight blue (which is very dark), you might be thinking that navy is navy? But trust us there are many shades of navy and add in textures and patterns and you options increase. Whichever shade you choose we recommend keeping the silk lapels, pockets and buttons in black, this creates a stylish but subtle contrast.

The roomten Velvet Jacket

This is a roomten favourite and we try to have a few samples in store made up for you to look at. Velvet jackets have long been monopolised by Hugh Heffner and James Bond. Luckily for mere mortals, they’re finally being reclaimed as a party piece by the real man.

We’re not alone in our admiration for soft, tufted cotton, as almost all the top designer brands are offering velvet jackets this season. Velvet has long had a louche image, redolent of relaxing with a glass of brandy and a cigar after a formal dinner, or Bond-esque nights out in expensive clubs.

We recommend you choose shades of burgundy of which Lord Byron himself would have approved, while bottle green and chocolate brown line up alongside more sober black and navy. Although black and navy blue are the easiest colours to wear there’s a strong logic to going for bolder hues, this is an opportunity to expand the sartorial repertoire. We have over 50 colours and shades to show you so you will be spoilt for choice.

Whatever colour you go for, a velvet jacket is extremely versatile. Dressed down with jeans and a T-shirt it’s right for a weekend lunch, while, at the other end of the spectrum, it can be a stunning dinner suit jacket worn over a crisp white shirt, black bow tie and black wool (or velvet) dinner suit trousers.

Choosing The Perfect Wedding Car Hire for your wedding event

Organising a wedding can seem like a never-ending task, and although we can’t help with your table plan, we can offer you a few tips to ensure your wedding car hire goes off without a hitch.

Finding the right wedding car hire company to provide the transport on your big day is very important. A company recommended by a friend is always a good option, but even without that, check out wedding car hire service providers listed under

Try to keep your search local. Opting for a wedding car hire provider which is based in the area where you are planning to get hitched is a good idea. Not only will it save you money, as companies which are hired from outside the area will add the cost of extra fuel and chauffeurs’ hours onto your price, but a local company will also know the area ensuring your trip from the bride’s home or salon to the church or reception runs according to time.

Consider how many people you need to transport. As well as the obvious people, the bride and groom plus the entourage, parents from both sides, siblings and maybe even grandparents, not to mention your relatives from out of town.

Ask for a discount. Many companies offer a discount if you book more than two or three cars. Or, if you do need to transport a large bridal party, do it in style with a chauffeur driven limo, and save cash on a multi-car booking.

Why not surprise your bride with a hired sports car as a special gift on your big day? Many wedding car hire companies offer sports cars for self-drive hire meaning your wife-to-be can arrive behind the wheel of a luxury sports car on your wedding day.

These are just a few suggestions on how to make the most of your chauffeur driven wedding car hire.

Factors To Consider When Choosing A Location For A Photoshoot

Every once in a while, we all get nostalgic as we relive the panoply of memories documented in our pictures. The sunsets, the spectacular falls, the green gardens, the calm lake in the background arouse new emotions long forgotten. That is because locations are vital to photoshoots.

Not only do they fill half the composition of the picture, but tell a story, reflect your personality, style and taste.

It is therefore imperative to critically consider the setting of your shoot because in most cases, it influences the outfits, props, poses and even the makeup you wear.

Is it a pre-wedding, post wedding, baby bump, family outing, or birthday, sometimes choosing the right location can be a daunting task. Here are some factors to consider that will help you pick a perfect location for your next shoot.

Photography theme

This is the all-encompassing subject of the shoot. It is the setting and ambience you want to achieve. Are you young and hippie? You might choose an urban themed shoot staged in an urban setting like streets or buildings. Are you a calm quiet soul? Then you might want to enjoy the tranquility of nature.

The theme you pick will determine the location of the shoot. Before you worry about your wardrobe, first figure out what story you want to tell and the rest will automatically fall into place.


Your distinctive character will greatly influence the location of your shoot. Consider a setting that will prompt you to loosen up, be yourself, and feel comfortable. This will not only achieve great results but will also make it easy for the photographer working with you.

Time and Proximity

Time is an important factor to consider when choosing a location. Some exotic locations are out of town and that means spending a couple of days on the road. This is achievable for pre-weddings and post wedding shoots that have more time and are looking for something out of the ordinary. Wedding shoots have less time and therefore require a close place. Booking a venue with gardens like hotels in this case would be an added advantage to save time. Baby bump shoots on the other hand may want to consider close locations like studios or places within town. This is to curb complications that might occur as a result of their current situation.


Not all locations are the same. While some are dramatic and surreal, others are flat and generic. Green environments are considered beautiful and timeless. However, overtime, they have become cliché as opposed to other locations like mountains, caves, rivers, forests, falls, streets, buildings to mention but a few. Choose a location that suits your beauty and artistic taste.


Variety is the spice of photography. Some locations have it all; water, rocks, forest, buildings. Open spaces like Lake Bunyonyi, Serena Kigo provides the photographer with a lot of elements to work with. They also make the shoot fun and adventurous for the couple. What’s more, with such locations, it is easy to have a full day shoot, adding the twilight and night shots to your store of memories


Locations like airstrips, national parks, landing sites, embassies, particular streets, beaches, hotels may require you to seek permission before staging a shoot. While some locations like Speke Resort Munyonyo are open to the public, be in the know of activities or functions happening that may hinder the shoot. For locations like streets, falls, seek permission from the police or KCCA to avoid any inconveniences and frustration.

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Kwanjula Kuhungira Ideas for every couple-Introduction Tips

.Kwanjula or Kuhingira is a traditional marriage ceremony that occurs before every wedding, where the groom-to-be pays the bride price and any other traditional requirements.

Times may be hard but that doesn’t give you any excuse to skip kwanjula customs when it comes to traditional marriages. Your in-laws expect you to satisfy their cultural requirements. So how do you do come up with a realistic Kwanjula or Kuhingira budget?

1. Hold the ceremony at Home

Renting a building or function hall for your ceremony and reception can be very expensive. Instead, consider using your own home for your ceremony while eliminating the cost of renting a venue.

This will be eliminating the cost of renting a venue and other costs that come with a venue. For example; at most venues, soft drinks like sodas or water go for Ush.2000 or Ush.2500 yet the actual retail price of a soda is about Ush.900.

A plate of food at a venue ranges from 20,000 to 50,000 (and even beyond) at most of the venues in Uganda yet you could spend 5000 to 10,000 on the same dish if you prepared the same from home

However, it’s best to have a back-up plan in case of bad weather; you don’t want to have your kwanjula or kuhungira in a downpour that leaves all your friends and family soaked. That might mean renting a sturdy tent if rain is forecast.


2. Do the catering yourself, or hire a family-owned restaurant.

I understand that preparing food for an introduction is a big job but remember;

  1. You’ll have a lot of family members around that day. And most of them would be willing to help since in Uganda an introduction is for the entire family
  2. This is like a family reunion. Everyone is excited to catch up with relatives they haven’t seen in a long time. So people are generally excited and willing to help.

Alternatively, you can talk to a family member who owns a restaurant and has a catering experience. Before you say you don’t have one in your family, I’d like to remind you that in Africa, a family stretches beyond your immediate cousins. If you just ask within your extended family, you’ll surely find someone with the experience to the prefect kwanjula luwombo or eshabwe. This will drastically reduced the food costs for the ceremony.


3. Know thyself

Some people are leaving beyond their standards or means trying to impress people that don’t even recognize them. One of the wedding planners on parties en events, Sharon told us of one of her clients John who was struggling to raise money for his kwanjula.

As a party planner planner, it’s Sharon’s duty to help her clients realize resources they can use to have their ideal ceremonies.

Fortunately, the Kwanjula was 6 months away and she advised him to find a cheaper house. John rented a one bedroomed house of 250,000 and was able to save over 3 million shillings in only 6 months.

Along with the help of family and friends, John was able to take the “mutwalo” and other gifts and earned his wife.

4. Discuss all the financial details with your wife to be

It is one thing to marry  when both families have strong support from financially stable relatives. This would mean they are willing to bring your budget to life by contributing for every item there.

If you are lucky, the girl could also be coming from a rich family who already have it all. Most of these families dont accept bride price. To them it’s like you are buying their daughter and they won’t attach a value to her. “She’s much more worth than any amount of money or cows!” said Esther’s father at her introduction ceremony.

However, when the families are poor, they tend to demand for a full house set such as water tanks, expensive sofas, fridges and animals when it comes to the kwanjula or kuhingira of their daughter . This can strain the man and he may end up giving up.

To avoid such a scenario, they guy should seat his fiancee down and tell her his financial stand. If the guy really loves her hubby to be, she’ll talk to her parents and the concerned relatives about her fiancee’s financial abilities.

She however has to be honest and set her parents’ expectations low. She has to tell them what her fiancee is able to afford.

In this case they should focus on the key customary items like the parents’ gifts, the “mutwalo”, the marriage customary alcohol(omwenge or beer) and a few other items mandatory for a kwanjula or kuhingira. The fridges, LCD TVs and cars can wait for till your family is financially stable.

Therefore be honest with yourself and communicate with each other effectively. The introduction will surely happen as long as the wife and husband to be mutually agree about their financials.


5. Skip the groomsmen and bridesmaid entourage.

While it’s considered customary to have a groomsmen and bridesmaid entourage, it isn’t always necessary. You might say “well, they are willing to buy their attires themselves”, but remeber, they are cutting off the money they would have otherwise contributed to your kwanjula budget.”

All you really need is the maid of honor and the best man. You don’t really need the peg and flower girls if you are on a tight budget and even if you have a little more to spend, you don’t have to as you will need more money for the wedding and even more for the life after. If your friends know that you’re trying to have a frugal wedding, they will understand.


Photo by Rossy Roots Events

Rossy Roots Events

6. Ask for help instead of Introduction gifts and contribution.

There’s a good chance that several of our friends and family have musical talent,  they might be able to provide musical accompaniment for your ceremony. Ronald told us, “We also have a close friend who’s an extremely skilled amateur photographer, and he was willing to photograph our ceremony as his kuhingira contribution. Then, after the ceremony, he provided high-quality digital images of everything and we would edit them with professional image editors when we had settled in, a few months after our wedding”.

Asking family and friends to offer help or services that align with their talents in exchange of a gift is a great way to keep your kwanjula on a budget

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10 Tips For Planning The Perfect Wedding This Year

If you’re a bride and groom to be planning to have their wedding later this year, then you should be ready to set things in motion towards achieving that dream. Here are 10 great tips that will help you to process this exciting experience in bite-sized chunks. Keep these in mind as you plan, and everything will run smoothly.

Start Planning Early
Having a clear plan before you start will help you keep on top of everything. Be sure that you don’t forget something important. Rough guest list numbers and the budget should always be your first two things. Don’t make decisions just because that’s the way everyone else does it, or because that’s what’s traditional. Have the wedding you’ve always dreamed of.

Set A Budget And Stick To It
Don’t spend a penny until you’ve set a realistic budget that won’t stretch you too far. It’s a common mistake to forget all the little extras too but, for the budget to work, you need to factor in every detail. Don’t forget to account for additional costs like dress alterations, gifts and beauty expenses or even transport for your potential guests from distant places. These can all add up.

Be Selective With The Guest List
In Uganda, having a small intimate wedding can be tough, but sorting the guest list early is important so you can then focus on finding the perfect venue that will cater for your chosen number of guests. Costs per head will most likely be your biggest expense, so don’t be guilt-tripped into inviting people you don’t want to come. It’s the biggest and hardest decision in the whole planning process, but it has to be yours and your fiancé’s decision only – not your parents, even though they might be paying.

Nonetheless, if you think it’s impossible to exclude people that your parents may want to invite, then give them a limited number of guests to invite that isn’t debatable. Or, engage them early enough to seek their views on the number of potential guests.

Choose the Important Details
A good way to become quickly overwhelmed when planning your wedding is to focus on the minutia details at the beginning of the planning process. Make sure you begin with the large aspects of your special day, then address the details as you go. Think of the planning process as a funnel: you should begin with the large side, then work your way down. If you filter everything through the broadest features first, you should have a much easier time with the smaller details.

Select Your Venue Before Making Any Other Decisions
It is best to select your venue before you plan anything else. By now you already know the number of guests you’re likely to have (at a range in number) which is very key to consider when choosing a venue. Sometimes, the venue will have certain rules or regulations that mandate certain services. For example, it would be a mess if you already hired a caterer, then discovered that your dream venue only allows you to use their in-house caterer.

Get The Menu Right
One of the biggest talking points at any wedding is the food. From the main course meal, cocktails to desserts – the more variety the better. Avoid skimping in this area because hungry guests are never a good thing.

Get A Wedding Gifts Registry
Now this is not common in our Uganda society, perhaps even new to many. But, as a couple, receiving gifts you don’t want can be a disappointment and to some extent a nightmare. You can come up with a gift registry and this takes away the guesswork for guests shopping for a wedding gift and ensures you receive the gifts you really want and need. Essentially, it’s a super easy process for both parties. However, this is simpler for couples having small intimate weddings (have fewer guests).

Anticipate Challenges
So many little items tend to appear on the wedding day you may not expect, such as broken zippers on dresses, missing centerpieces, not knowing where a vendor should be located at the venue, etc. Keep your cool at all times, and have a backup plan to your backup plan.

Take Time For You
Sometimes even wedding planners in the role of bride or groom need some rest on the day of their wedding. One great way to make sure you’re focused on you is to hire a coordinator who can simply pick up right where you left off in your amazing planning.

Don’t Forget What’s Important
Wedding planning can be stressful but if you find yourself getting too caught up in it all, take a step back and remind yourself what your wedding is really about. Think about the fact that you are marrying the love of your life

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