Photo Album: Tears of Joy As Rema Namakula officially introduces new man

Most of us thought its joke but the Siri Muyembe hit maker today introduced her new boyfriend Hamza in a lavish ceremony keeping social media relatives jealous.

The Okukyala ceremony is underway at her parent’s home in Nabbingo Battaka.

News of Rema’s intended marriage to Sebunya broke the internet on August 31, 2019, when photos from their secret Nikkah were circulated on social media.

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Photos: Observer’s Nicholas Bamulanzeki Introduced By Bea

Albert Einstein once said that “you can’t blame gravity for falling in love.” Indeed Nicholas Bamulanzeki can’t blame gravity but rather Brenda Matama’s beauty that tripped him to fall in love with the Kyenjojo born queen.

For a guy who is almost always on the road, busy behind the camera lenses to bring us pictures that tell a story, one can’t help it wonder how he found time to get cozy and play footsie as he fell in love and yet somehow he did.

Over the weekend, the renowned Observer Newspaper photojournalist was the center of attention for the cameras as he was being introduced by his fiancée at an elegant kweranga ceremony in Kyenjojo District, Western Uganda.

VENDORS: Photography: Da’ville

Inspiring Photos from Nicholas and Shawnna’s wedding Event


“There is a light at the end of every tunnel”
Shawnna is one of those who can witness to this saying as true after she found love at a time she had convinced herself that all hope of love was gone.
She made it a reality by giving love a chance when she finally met Nicholas.
” His love was there waiting in the wings and showed up when I least expected it. Our heavenly father has a wonderful way of blessing in abundance,in his own time” She reveals
This unwavering love led to the beginning of their forever on 20.04.2019 when they exchanged vows and later hosted their guests to an epic and fun reception.
We loved the attention to detail and we can’t say enough wonderful things about their ceremony as it was a real manifestation of perfect harmony between two passionate hearts.

Nicholas and Shawnna thank you for choosing us and making us part of something incredibly special. We wish you a happy ever after.

Here’s a sneak peak into how it went down


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Kabira Country Club set for Easter Carnival

As Easter bells ring from the blessed serenity of heavens. Kabira Contry Club is resonating with them and planning to welcome the death and Resurrection of Jesus Christ in a rousing way.

Like Christmas and other holy holidays, Ugandans specifically Christians get to have long days off their daily work to meditate, rest and spend good time with their loved ones and families.

Kabira Country club a 5-Star hotel in Kampala has again organized another edition of Easter Carnival that will take place this Easter season on Saturday, 13th April, 2019 from 11am to 6pm in the evening where Christians, families and loved ones will come, merry make, have fun and take in all this Bukoto based magnificent hotel has to offer.

The carnival is meant for family gatherings where kids and adults will enjoy fun activities like delicatessen, food and bar, magician, kids playground, live band, artisan market, break dance, jumping castles, swings, comedy among other lots entertainment.

“We have plenty of Kids’ activities lined up for you and your family. Let’s make your Easter weekend a memory, join us for one in a life time experience. Kabira Country Club has all you could possibly need in a modern, comfortable hotel, situated in a wonderful location,” Vismay Maniyar the hotel official told EventoUG.

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Whether it’s for leisure, building connections, business or events, Kabira Country club still tops in the game and will offer more than what you even expect ranging from pleasurable luxurious accommodation facilities, exceptional amenities to yummy and delicious meals that will take your breath away. All the revelers that will turn up for the “Kabira Easter Carnival” are guaranteed of these facilities.

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Top 5 best events photographers around Kampala

Uganda weddings and events website EventoUG has had sleepless nights on this and today we bring you our top 5 events photographers around kampala that will make your wedding , birthday, kwanjula, photoshoot through the lens phenomenal.

1. Paramount Images

These guys confidently topped our list because they have proved their work even without making noise about it. Photos and videos taken by guys at Paramount Images are super unique and in HD. Their photos are of a high resolutions with super high pixels and their drones for aerial photography will give you double heart beat on glimpse on images  they take. They capture every bit of your love story in a creative, graceful and elegant style.

They are located at Serena Conference Center, First Floor Room 327, Kampala, Uganda and Quality Shopping Village, Namugongo, Room B4.

2. Katende Muhammad Photography

This guy has been in business for over a decade and his photography prowess has thrived to level you cant even imagine. He will take a shot in 2d and on paper it will appear as if 5D and in super HD. He has slowly become a king of the lens and apparently you will find him at almost every wedding ceremony around Kampala. He is located in Kamwokya, on Kira road.

3. Dynamic Wedding Photography

When it comes to pre-wedding photoshoots, introductions and birthdays, these guys are just gods in the lens business. During our research, we landed on the photos taken by guys at Dynamic wedding photography and we were  purely blown up by how classic they looked. Whether in soft copy or hard copy, these guys will give you the best of reality through that high mega pixel camera lens.

4. Storyline Pictures

From all kind of videography and events photography these guys will draw your CONCEPT TO COMPLETION. They can do both arial and straight photography for all kind of events be it weddings, introduction ceremonies, birthdays and more. A few of their shoots we saw proved their presence on their list

5. Peak shots Photography

Probably one of the youngest guys in industry, Aine Derrick the CEO of peakshots photography has proved his wrath when it comes to birthday photography, pre-wedding photoshoots, baby showers and concert related events. H has slowly dominated this market and his work speaks on its behalf. What we got to know about this guy is that he will give you quality work at very affordable rates.

Find all their portofolios at www.eventoug.com




PHOTOS! NTV’s Tinah Teise throws exciting birthday In Seychelles

Forget all the glamour birthday parties you have seen around town, NTV Login presenter Tinah Teise alias Kabale Juice recently took birthday celebrations to a whole new level for as far as slaying goes.

The gorgeous queen of Kabale took the celebrations across the borders as she turned “25”. (Don’t quote us on that). It was a fun birthday as Tinah and her friends enjoyed the cool breeze and played in the white sand of the beautiful beaches of Seychelles.

Her birthday dress was tailor-made by the 2018 ASFA awarding winning Fatumah Asha.

Here are some few shots as captured by Da’ville

Vendor : Fatumah Asha.