PHOTOS: Kevin & Bridget’s Pre-Wedding Photoshoot speaks volumes and glowing love


For us at EventoUG, 2018 is a year that just kept on Ken’s Shot Photography have revolutionalized pre-wedding photo shoots on our watch towards the end of the year. They aren’t just taking photos at beautiful photo shoot sites, they are creating special love stories through photography.

And for photographer in Uganda’s wedding industry, they have really set the bar quite high and we can’t wait to see what they got in stock for us come 2019 and in the future after that. But for now, let’s just treat our sights to these exceedingly beautiful shots.

Pre-wedding shoot by: Ken’s shot photography
Lighting by: Emma Kironde
Makeup & Effects by: Esther Nakaziba
Costumes: Maria Kiberu
Concept by: Ken’s shot photography






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