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Considerations when choosing your wedding brides maids


He has proposed and organising a dream wedding is now priority. But, first things first, you have to sort out the details of putting a bridal team in place. The dynamics of choosing a bridal team are amazing. Some believe that it is the “right” of unmarried women to be included on the bridal team. Naturally your friends and sisters come to mind. Make your pick depending on your situation.

But you may leave some egos bruised. How are you going to tell your overzealous friend or your husband’s sister that she has not been chosen when she has already shown you samples of the possible fashion for the dresses your bridesmaids, herself inclusive, will wear? Some brides are lucky not to have to break this kind of news. If you must, however, make sure your friend can contribute in other areas and let her know early enough.

Every bride has her reasons for choosing her team. After hand picking the bridesmaids, let them know in time to prepare for your big day. Of course you will have to pick the maid of honour first because they have a huge responsibility to carry.

Strike a balance, some brides opt for a selection of a maid from every area of their life: one each from the groom’s side, friends at work and church and relatives. There is, however, no rule to this and you can’t make everyone happy. Do not succumb to the pressure to include other people’s choices because at the end of the day, it is up to you really.

Even though the bride-to-be reserves the right to decide what her bridesmaids will wear, she has to take into consideration what they are comfortable with. Some of your friends may not be comfortable with exposing a lot of flesh or wearing high heels for a long period of time.

Flower girls

Some couples are opting to leave children out of the entourage. But you can enjoy the company of the traditional ring bearer or the little princesses who throw rose petals just before you walk down the aisle. Bear in mind though that little children get tired quickly and may become distressed so understanding their temperaments is key. It helps to have their mothers or someone they know nearby. Make sure that they eat in short intervals. It also helps if you personally know the children involved.

Numbers matter

When choosing your bridesmaids, the number matters. Some brides are obsessed with a crowd. It is your wedding after all but bear this in mind: The number of maids will affect your transport budget, the seating arrangement and time management

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Pick people you feel free around
It is not wise to choose someone as a part of your entourage just because she chose you to be a part of her bridal team. Every woman has friends, undeniably, but how many are bosom friends? Since it is your day, you should be surrounded by people you feel free around and what’s more, laugh like crazy and not be phony

Ability to foot their bill
For others, being able to afford the expenses of one’s self is key in determining their choices. Initially, people had to raise money for the bridesmaids’ dresses and other accessories. These days, having your bridesmaid footing that expense saves you a lot of money.

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